Plan or perish….

Splashhh..It wasn’t until recently that chores in the house seemed like affairs that needed planning. Neither did getting up late matter much to me. I chose to enjoy the blue cloudless skies, the serenity of the moon and the soft caress of the waves…but life had a bed of rocks in store for me. Slipping a foot meant falling into bottomless crevices…So tread I did with a might quite unlike mine…Hitherto I realised that punctuality and planning are not just drab, they are the grab words… Planning does wonders in a hectic life with kids and family and a demanding job. It makes you goddamn sure where you are heading to each day in your precious life…All things and sundry make way into your planner.. The solution- prioritise. Not all things that cross your mind need to get done the same day, treat yourself in between with a pat on your back. It works like magic. Who else shall praise as selflessly as you on yourself…?



I just landed ,oops…crash landed from the waterfall, after drifting in and out of meandering rivers and mustering scents of the teeming forests….the ripples from my landing shall travel to you as waves….wait and see… wait to be drenched….