Into the fire…

I was drawn to you, like life to death, Or a greater life, fatal attraction. Singeing my wings, the nearer i came, Your glow cast a spell, a deathly one, it was. My mind flitted furiously, in vain, Trying to beat sense into a clouded mind. Yet my heart drew me closer, to the glorious... Continue Reading →

In vain…

The lady smiled generously at me, She pulled away her feet and dusted the seat, So that i could sit, cozy and snug, I marvelled at her generosity and innocence of her smile. I thanked the universe for such kind people. The train chugged along, merrily and in rhythm. She offered me a sweet, a... Continue Reading →

In love…

I'm in love, magic all around, Things happen as if enchanted, A love i longed for,caresses me, like never before, Lights the fire of passion in me, I see meaning in the slightest moves. The lover and the loved, undeniably one, unconditional to the core. Desires spring forth sans doubts, And the universe is at... Continue Reading →

Slow motion

Sometimes life unfolds as an art movie, Classical are the scenes, enticing to senses, The pulsing of the veins, the sweat drops of love, The dew drop traversing the veins of the leaf, The snail cruising along, slow and steady, The mindful chewing of betel leaves by old granny, The train chugging along, musical to... Continue Reading →

It is ok

It is ok to not speak, the anguish in your heart, If all the audience are a judging lot. It is ok to hide your deepest desires, Lest the people around are a mocker lot. It is ok to not express your love always, When your soul is tired, weary and all. It is ok... Continue Reading →

Death Vs life

Alas, a day will be borne, when you will forget me... Into the shadows of oblivion, i may be cast. The fragrances you adored, just a faded memory. The laughs that rocked you, a faraway whisper, And the touch of passion, just a feathery dream. As the sand slips through endless time, As things decay,... Continue Reading →

Immortal thoughts

His thoughts echoed in her ears, For years together, she revelled in the wisdom he spelt. She reminisced thoughts, surreptitiously concealed, Lest it sparked discontent in a inflammable mind. The thoughts carefully crafted and eloquently spoken, Had woven in her patterns to last, as she believed, in them word by word. It was her doctrine... Continue Reading →

Love beyond grief

She was elated but, in grief, He had confessed his love for her. The sudden downpour and the bright rainbow, Added surrealism to the romantic event. Her heart raced in the cage, longing for freedom. Her soul wished to scale mountains, her lover's hand in hers. She wished to leap into his arms and be... Continue Reading →

The forest mind…

The mind is like a forest, that teems with secrets and delights. To a stray traveller, it reveals the oft beaten tracks, where to spot a deer or two... Is to strike a pot of gold. While to the keen traveller, it reveals it's mysteries, concealed from the world. Just as a forest blessed with... Continue Reading →

The rooms

My daily grind was limited to the three mundane rooms, Cooking and gulping in the kitchen, Venting off and day dreaming, in my washroom, Lazing and doodling idly in my hall. Stuck in a loop, i went round and around for years until, The day was admittedly different, nothing seen by the eye. Yet kind... Continue Reading →

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